Estrogen is a chemical found in the male and female's body. The majority of it if found in a
female's body. It helps with
fertility and also regulates the menstrual cycle. It functions as the female sex hormone. Estrogen is like any other steroid hormone. It diffuses across the cell membrane and inside the cell they interact with estrogen receptors. Scientist have also made it available for people to receive estrogen by oral contraceptives. Some people may not get enough estrogen from their body so they can take it by mouth. Men can also use the hormone for personal reasons. There are three types of estrogen that are in a woman's body. They are the estrone, estradiol, and estriol. All three of these estrogens have a more specific role then the other when it comes to the woman. The main purpose of estrone is produced during menopause. Estriol is the primary estrogen of pregnancy. Estradiol is the predominate form in non pregnant females. So scientist and doctors have figured a way to form all of these estrogens into a tiny pill. As you read on you will discover how estrogens can affect you in a bad way and even your children, the risk factors and more. You can find this chemical not only in the body but in the environment. You can even find it in your own homes in in some of the foods you eat. Any product that has soy in it will also have estrogen. Some leafy foods you eat can contain the chemical. It is also found in barbie clothing.


So we have already explained about the chemical estrogen. To give you a little more info we are going to tell you about the synthetic estrogens. So any estrogens that are not found in the male or female body is known as a synthetic estrogen or phytoestrogen; phyto meaning copy. These types of estrogens are the ones found in your food, household items, also just in the environment.
Being exposed to synthetic estrogen can cause major health problems for men and women. Exposure to the synthetic estrogen can cause cancer in the breasts and also in the testicles. It can also affect the sperm count in a male by reducing the count. If a female is pregnant it can affect the development of the child, especially if the child is a male. So the worse thing you could get from being exposed is cancer. When comes to the environment being exposed isn't very difficult seeing as how most of the things you eat contains the chemical. Things like soy products, beans, oats, yeast, celery, cabbage, tomatoes, and other foods as well. When young girls get a dose of estrogen from foods it helps them develop faster then they should, When young males get a dose it affects the sperm. At the current moment, U.S. government doesn't think that it is a major issue. They believe that if there are any problems they can fix them. A form of synthetic estrogen is birth control and that is used in some countries. So if any synthetic estrogen is to be used more frequently then others it is birth control.


The synthetic chemical of estrogen are made in labs. They are made by finding out the chemical's structure and they sort of make a copy of it. After they have done that they its just like a factory. They just start producing the chemical. Of course they make they different kinds of estrogens so that they can use it for whatever they need it for. You can find it mainly in birth control pills, you can find it in pills they help women who are enable to get pregnant, get pregnant. Or in pills that help men get female body parts oh induce the female hormones. Here are some balances equations for the three types of estrogen:
2 C18H22O2 + 45 O2 ---------> 36 CO2 + 22 H2O(estrone)
C18H24O2 -(estradiol).


The human systems that can be affected by this chemical are the reproductive systems for both men and women. The immune system for both men and women. It can also affect the development of the brain but that only happens if the synthetic estrogen is taken in large amounts.


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